The next place that The Larder will pop up is The Old Nuns Head pub in Nunhead SE15. (I’ve decided that The Larder is a magical room, occasionally appearing somewhere, full of delicious nibbles, and then vanishing again.)

The official residency will happen when I can find some funding to let me properly facilitate it. For now, this is an invitation to engage with it informally, to see if this is actually the most useful invitation to make.

** Come And Make Your Heart Work **

* Mon, Tues, Weds, 3rd, 4th, 5th October 2016
* Midday to midnight (come for some or all)
* The Old Nuns Head, 15 Nunhead Green, SE15 3QQ
* Partly accessible, see note below
* An informal open space (with the principles and the sessions, but without the fancy Improbability)

Do you have a creative project that you have yet to fully realise? Is it something close to your heart? Would you like to more fully realise it?

I’m opening a space to which you can bring work that doesn’t have to answer the question, “What kind of work might so-and-so producer want?” but rather, the question, “What work is in my heart, beats with my pulse, emerges through my impulses?”

It might be a germ of an idea you want to explore, or a thing you love to do that you’d like to develop a show around, or you might have no clue at all, but want to start something new on impulse that will be heart-nourishing in some way.

Whatever it is, it will be something that isn’t specifically designed to fit the definition of someone else’s opportunity, but rather, something that emerges naturally from you.

There is no money involved, so to you, this might be an unpaid invitation to make work that you consider worthwhile because it’s work you struggle to make elsewhere right now, or it might be a free invitation to have some support, or both, or something else.

I chose ‘Heart Work’ because I always seem to end up making things that get commissioned by people or possibility, and never quite get to realise my own Heart in it. So I thought we could maybe do with something that works the other way around: let’s realise the Heart Work first, and then see how that feeds into whatever opportunities are around.