Monday: 9 people engaged, 5 projects developed, 7 fairytales gathered

Tuesday: 10 people engaged, 4 more projects developed, 6 fairytales gathered

Wednesday: 8 people engaged, 9 more projects developed, 4 fairytales gathered

Total hours of dramaturgy / space-holding: 36

Total engagement: 21 people used the space to connect and/or develop work, including me, some of us more than once and on more than one project.

Total projects brought into the space: 18

Total projects followed up on afterwards: 15

Total fairytales gathered: 17Responses



Thank you! It was amazing.

I arrived at the Old Nun’s Head with no plan at all. I simply wanted to hang out in a creative space for a bit & recharge. The principles of Open Space are that whoever comes is the right people, & whenever you come is the right time, & I spent a wonderful 3 hours with Jen, who is an excellent facilitator, being surprised into the birth of a show I had wanted to create for ages but hadn’t known where to start.

I feel I left with an extra nugget of confidence today  – it was eye opening to realise everyone felt like an ‘impostor’ sometimes when writing. I’m now excited to write rather than feeling a bit guilty because ‘I shouldn’t be doing this I’m not a proper writer’.

I loved being able to drop in to your ‘salon’.

From no plan at all, I left with a strong sense of what the show will be & how I will proceed in its creation. Practical advice on budgeting etc as well as the more creative aspects of the show itself. My germ of an idea has become a reality.

The whole afternoon felt as if something had been released in me. It’s so important to talk about ideas & plans in a safe, creative space with people who have been there & done it & can (& do) freely offer advice & support. My flat is not the place where I can stick post-it notes on the walls & a studio is beyond my reach, so the chance to work in a free, creative space is a brilliant opportunity.

I enjoyed working with [another participant] and hope we were able to help him. The thing that stuck out was the idea of continually asking questions in order to hone down what is important.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the help and support you gave to me [and my collaborator] at The Old Nuns Head. It enabled us to gain the confidence to start the project in earnest and we have now interviewed two people and made real headway on the structure and purpose of the piece. Without the event I don’t believe that we would have made a real start yet! We’d still be chatting 🙂 so thank you, and we’ll keep you updated with how it’s going.

As a performer & fledgling theatre-maker, I find myself sometimes battling against a competitive spirit (not saying I’m not competitive – I am – but I don’t find it, for myself, a helpful emotion), but the people I’ve met through the Larder are generous, open & welcoming, & the creation of a safe place to explore ideas with others is an amazing thing. Contacts are made, connections, links, people brought together for mutual benefit. There’s nothing better, & the creative world needs more of it!

It was a wonderful afternoon!

I met 2 people I hadn’t met before and felt part of a bigger tribe. I

was able to bring my piece and felt safe and relaxed enough

to allow you to read it and then get valuable developmental feedback on it.

Thank you for today I had such a wonderful and really interesting time. I loved the fact it was small and did not have an ‘end goal’ as such. Really enjoyed the freedom without having to worry about accomplishing something. However I feel like a lot was accomplished I hope you did too?

Thanks for a lovely day. Great to get advice from author and actor and doll maker.

Yes, it was very useful today. I enjoyed “Before Your Life Changes”, the meditation doll, getting feedback after reading the scene and your help with the character following on from that.

Hope you felt the day was useful and that a good number come along tomorrow.

Thanks again – more great help. A lovely calm creative atmosphere.

Thank you again for holding such a open, supportive and gentle space for us on Tuesday.

[We] came with a very vague idea which we weren’t even expecting to share (I think we were just keen to help realise the ideas of others) but we left with so much more.

Tuesday’s experience was invaluable for me. As an actor I haven’t had a huge amount of experience writing my own work but it is something I feel I am ready to explore further. As a result, I feel quite frightened and inexperienced. The way you facilitated the workshop on Tuesday allowed us to explore as many options as possible without the fear of judgement. It also forced us to make decisions on the spot which helped me keep the editor on our shoulder at bay!

The people who joined us in the room were similarly open minded and supportive. You must have a way of bringing creative people into the room and keeping the destructive ones out. That’s a talent.

Thank you so much for your continual support.